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When attempting to upload the virtual machine into windows azure I got the following error:

Cannot access the certificate specified in the connection string. Verify that the certificate is installed and accessible. The syntax for the connection string 'SubscriptionId=<id>; CertificateThumbprint=<id>' is not valid.

This could be a number of things such as you don't have the certificate on azure. However, the thing that documentation fails is to say that the certificate and the virtual machine must be uploaded from the machine where the certificate was created.

I hope this saves you a couple hours of debugging.

For a nice azure tutorial go to:


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  • Anonymous:

    I am uploading the VM from the same computer from which the certificate was created. Still getting the same error. 

  • Thanks for pinoting that out Sriram. I was too lazy to install the Windows SDK and get the command line tool – i figured most folks would have IIS installed so went that route

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