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CudoMiner is a great NiceHash alternative as it’s a cross-platform, crypto mining software that allows users to get profits through their mining efforts. Designed by Duncan Cook and Matt Hawkins to be as widely accessible as possible, CudoMiner is available for Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), and macOS.

Users can choose to be paid in several different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ravencoin, Ethereum, and Monero.

The software can be downloaded and installed quite easily and can be used only after users create an account. In terms of features, the highlights are an automatic algorithm switching capability that ensures that users mine only the most profitable coins and the option to manually optimize the machines for a specific coin. It’s designed to cater to the needs of both advanced and beginner miners.

However, a major pitfall of CudoMiner is that if you mine Ethereum Classic and don't set it up to automatically convert. You will not be able to withdraw your funds.

Here are the account balances:

But only Monero and Ethereum are available:

Overall, this is a major pitfall as there is no warning of this until you actually decide to take the funds out.

Please leave a comment bellow if you have a way to withdraw or convert existing Ethereum Classic from Cudo Miner.

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