List all Salesforce Fields - the easy way

While Salesforce provides an easy way to list all of the fields in a SOQL query.

For example:


We are limited to 200 records.

So we come up with this simple shortcut to achieve the same result but not be limited to 200 records at the time.


  1. Use the SOQL to query all fields

  2. Copy the headers to excel and transpose it

  3. Using Notepad++ expressions add quotes and comas to build the query.

From This

To This

Just we required excel, notepad ++ , and your time.

1 – Go to excel past the Colum or row field

2- Select an entire row or column and copy

3- Go to empty cell like this

4 – Click one transpose as you can see in picture

5- You can see all the details in row

6- Copy that row and past to notepad ++

7- Now Select all (Ctrl+A) and then press (Ctrl+F) for find

10 – Then add \n and replace ‘,’

11- Select Replace all

12- Then close the tab and again do select all (Ctrl+A) and then press (Ctrl+F) for In Replace ->Find what \r -> Replace with should be Blank

Then you can see this

Finally, you done it you make the huge list with comma separated without going manually to each and add comma to it.

3. Add the result above to your query and you should be able to list all records.

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