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Inspiration -- moments of impact

Any time I spent interacting firsthand with our colleagues around the world, mostly virtual

but also when possible in person. there I could feel the energy and the commitment of everyone.

I've been impressed by the close partnership among the legal and commercial teams responding to customer needs I am proud of my team for working across boundaries and striving for a consistent and principled response for our global customer base.

I remember a lot of moments of impact during the past year.

The most important for me were certainly the exchanges I had with our global organizations.

Small groups, straight talk, discussing challenges and opportunities in a very open setting.

I am really thankful for this.

My moment of impact: introducing our Purpose to all our colleagues this year.

I can clearly feel the excitement to bring the purpose to life. Together, we impact life and health with science, and I can't wait to see what we all can do together.

Working in a fully virtual world has had certain benefits.

One that I feel is the most compelling is the growth in trust within the organization, creating ownership and high-impact culture.

It is not just about making sales but how we can positively make an impact during the pandemic. It's about living up the spirit of caring at MicroSumol

We all have unique skills and that both hard work and inspiration are needed for success.

This year recruiting was challenging but our purpose provided the guiding light.

A warm welcome to our new joiners.

A true mobilize for growth moment was listening to the scientists, that really touched me. They were so deliciated about their work and their science, and at the same time so incredibly humble. Knowing that many people also contributed to their success

really energized me and gave me a great sense of purpose belonging to that team.

No matter where we are in the world, our people our support reaches across borders, across oceans in times of need. Truly inspiring.

What stood out to me is how our team members were spontaneously thanking one another for their support and understanding, and for giving them the space to be the best selves at work and at home. We thrived as a business, and equally as important, we were able to take the time to focus on family, friends and personal well-being.

You cared for each other and that is what brings out the best in all of us. Thank you for making an impact.

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