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Salesforce Certificate Order

We need 3 Certifcates

1.SSL Certificate.

2.CA Intermediate Certiticate.

3.Root Certifcate.

If you dont got the root certitifcate from the provider,you can download it from the provider website/home page.

Uploading CA-Signed Certiifcate as follows.

1.Open a Notepad.

2.Paste each certificate as per below order into the note pad.


(SSL certificate)



(CA Intermediate certificate)



(Root certificate)


3.Save the notepad as "sitesSSL.cer" or "xxx.cer"

4.Now goto Settting>Security Control>Certtificate and Key Managment

5.Select the certificate in which you want to upload.

6.Upload the newly created sitesSSL.cer

7.If no errors than your done and chek your site from the browser whether you have a lock sign in the browser or not.


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