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Self-Growth Challenge

Start: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Day 1: How to talk to anyone

Day 2: The power of habit

Day 3: Love Languages

Day 4: Think and Grow Rich

Day 5: 5 AM Club

Day 6: The 7 Habits of highly effective people

Day 7: Phycho-path Free

Day 8: Act like a lady Think like a man

Day 9: How to win friends

Day 10: Make your bed

Day 11: Atomic Habits

Day 12: The power of now

Day 13: Homo Deus

Day 14: How to stop worrying and start living

Day 15: Never get a "real" job

Day 16: 13 Things Mentally strong people don't do

Day 17: 4-hour body

Day 18: The 80/20 principle

Day 19: 12 rules for life

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