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The Millionaire FASTLANE

Speed determines the timeframe in which you implement the ideas for

your roadmap

Letting ideas stay for too long can cause them to wither away and lose relevance. It doesn't

matter who owns the idea; society is more interested in who implemented it. To ensure

your ideas come out successfully, let your work be Open to scrutiny because feedback

would help you make better corrections. Also, be open—minded when it comes to an

additional idea from people because your customers determine if your business would be

successful or if it would fail.

Partnerships are important parts of the business. It requires patience, though, and you

need to be very careful who you partner with. Help people along the way, and Stop

focusing on the competition. Study your competition instead, and take positives from it to

help you better.

Building a business is good, but building brands is better. Brands give you a reputation that

allows you to own more business.

To build a good brand requires a commitment to your business. You can't give less than

100% because anything less represents less in your wealth too. Giving 100% requires

determination, grit and focus. You must also learn to rise from your mistakes and learn

from them at all times. Keep reading to find out how to implement the tricks and tips

that'll make you rich for a lifetime.

Running slow limits your mental strength and leaves you stagnant

Living the best part of life comes in various ways, but the most common happens when

many people are old. A lot Of people follow the conventional pattern Of getting rich, and

this is bound only to produce one result; "Get Rich Slow."

"Get Rich Slow" is a term that encapsulates doing the routine stuff and going through

orthodox means to become rich. Following conventional methods yield expected results.

Living life at a young age seems highly unlikely and far — reaching because huge wealth is

like a mirage that is only attached to fame and luck. Retirement is supposed to encompass

the majority of your years where you'll spend the rest of your life enjoying the work of your

labor, but that isn't it. For those who have not yet understood the Fastlane, slaving off 50

or more years of their life is likely the ideal meaning of retirement. That is the wrong

mentality to have. For the Fastlane, include your youth in your retirement plan and learn

how to make money without slaving off yourself doing work that barely adds value to your


Life is not linear, and it hardly takes a smooth part which is why you have to keep asking

questions until you find the answers.

MJ DeMarco had gone down to the local ice cream shop when he encountered a very young man who was driving his dream car. Driving a Lamborghini Countach had always been MJ DeMarco's biggest dream, and he was in awe as he saw the car right in front of him; he made up his mind to ask the young man what he did for a living. Some 90 seconds later, MJ DeMarco had discovered that the guy was an inventor, and contrary to his initial

assumptions, the young man wasn't famous nor was a lucky lottery winner. Those 90

seconds changed MJ DeMarco's life, and over the coming years, he planned to know more

about the lifestyles of people like him who had nothing but became millionaires without

being famous or lucky. The first step to achieving this is to reject mediocrity. When you

Stop settling for less, that's when you aim higher and approach the Fastlane. Having a lot Of

cash doesn't define riches if you don't have a steady income from one or more sources.

The road trip to success requires a financial roadmap

A lot of people make the mistake of going on a journey without planning for it. It's like going on a trip without paying attention to your car to know if it would be able to make the journey or not. Viewing success in a like manner is bound to end in disappointment. There are formulas, patterns, ingredients, and instructions that you must pay attention to. Wealth is a road trip, not just a road.

Millionaires are forged by process, grit, and determination, not by events. Without process, events don't come into fruition.

As with any event, the road trip to wealth has its formula:

• Your roadmap: your guide that points toward where to go

• Your vehicle: your vehicle is you. You are the one to carry yourself towards your fulfillment

• Your roads: the paths you take towards wealth. They come in various ways and kinds

• Your speed: the rate at which you are moving towards the realization of your wealth

Entitlements won't lead you to your destination as you journey through the road trip. Having beliefs that some certain prerequisites would lead you to wealth is very far from the truth. You also cannot chauffeur your road trip to wealth; it is not something you can outsource. Understanding this helps prepare your mind to accept life for the greater good. Successful people don't just find themselves being successful, the same as poor people. Your financial status is as a result of the decisions you've made concerning your life in terms of choosing your financial roadmap . Your financial roadmap is the first tool for your trip to wealth. Your life is determined by your choices, your choices are attached to your beliefs, and your beliefs come from the roadmap, so, if you want to change your life, you first have to change your actions.

There are 3 financial roadmaps to wealth. They are:

• The Sidewalk — poverty

• The Slowlane — mediocrity

• The Fastlane— wealth

Whichever financial roadmap you choose will lead you to the true essence Of your road trip. The true essence is the expected results of your actions and the financial roadmap you select. Since there are different financial roadmaps, it is possible for you to switch from the Sidewalk to the Fastlane.

Knowing how to manage wealth is essential to moving from the sidewalk to the fastlane

Sidewalkers are the people who follow the Sidewalk roadmap, and unfortunately they are the majority. Sidewalkers are always one step from being broke regardless of what they do. A Sidewalker doesn't have a plan; they are unconsciously trapped in a Lifestyle Servitude fueled by their needs and desire to live an affluent life.

The "Income—Poor" Sidewalkers are the typical modest salary earners who live paycheck to paycheck without savings or a retirement plan. They have short—term plans because they spend their money extravagantly without care.

Money doesn't automatically erase the Sidewalk from your life as long as you don't know how to manage wealth. To Sidewalkers, money= income + debt: there are always bills to pay and credits to balance.

The "Income—Rich" Sidewalkers are more like the "income-poor" ones, just that they make more money and are rich. This set of Sidewalkers are also extravagant and short-sighted. They spend more than they earn, and it is very easy for them to go bankrupt because they don't know how to manage wealth. All of these Sidewalkers are suffering from society's toxification of money/wealth. Society has defined wealth to be material things that money can buy, but those are not the real tenets of wealth/money.

The real characteristics of wealth are: family, fitness, and freedom. When you have these three, you have real wealth that can never make you uncomfortable. The illusion of being wealthy would make you look uncomfortable, and you'll end up lying to yourself— the idea behind looking wealthy stems from society's toxification of wealth.

Freedom is essential to your state of happiness, and to achieve freedom; you need to rid yourself of debts, faux, illusion, and stress. Money doesn't equate happiness when it's misused. Stray away from the bait of lifestyle. It is essential to know that there's no such thing as luck when it comes to moving to the Fastlane. Your success depends on the process you take towards getting wealthy.

Placing your dreams of success on someone else only opens you up to making blames because once that person fails, you automatically fail too.

Taking responsibility for your actions makes you see the good and bad side of your decisions, and it allows you to evaluate accordingly.

You should understand the slowlane and its disadvantages to create a great roadmap for yourself

The Slowlane has been attributed to mediocrity. It is the next lane after the Sidewalk, but unlike the Sidewalk, the Slowlane is tempting and attractive; it is not just enough. "The Slowlane comes with a sense of responsibility and maturity. When you start having responsibilities, you are mature enough to switch from the Sidewalk to the Slowlane, even though you risk getting lost in the Slowlane by getting satisfied with mediocrity. You forgo your big dreams and settle for whatever is available. Under the Slowlane. you sacrifice your time for work, losing a big part of your life waiting on promises of wealth that you might not even live long to see. Someone in the Slowlane relies heavily on the future, forgetting that unforeseen contingencies might pop up at any time. If you believe that saving 20% of your income would give you around $20 million in 30 years , what's the assurance that you'll still have a job in 5 years or that the value of money will retain its current value in the next 20 years?

Wealth is best enjoyed when you are young, vibrant, and energetic. Most Slowlane workers have a 60% negative on their time and value of money for it. The normal work days are Mondays to Fridays while Saturdays and Sundays are the free days. People trade five days of work for two days of freedom, which is 60% negative when it comes to getting freedom for themselves.

Jobs are essential for growth and money, but having the wrong job puts you at the risk of being stagnant and unhappy.

A lot of people sacrifice their time for the freedom of money. They lose one freedom to attain another. Jobs suck you into mediocrity where you spend the more significant part of your life working overtime for money that doesn't put you into wealth. If your job doesn't give you control over your life and sucks you into mediocrity, dump the job and go further by dabbing into entrepreneurship. Experience comes with action, irrespective of the environment surrounding it. When you can manage your finances and exponentially control the financial output of your primary source of income, you are on a path to reaching the Fastlane.

Did you know? According to, 85% of people are unhappy with their jobs.

There's no such thing as too much knowledge because nobody knows it all

It is advisable that you seek help from people Who know What they are doing; people Who are already journeying on the Fastlane. Using the biblical story of Moses. one can see how Slowlane works. After leading Moses and his men away from the evil hands of the pharaoh of Egypt, God then took them around a 40—year journey through the desert, promising them a final destination of the land flowing with "milk and honey." Despite the toil, suffering, and tiredness, Moses could only see the promised land; he died before he could step on it.

Experience comes in handy when you want to make a switch in life because with experience, you can learn about the success stories and the failures as well.

There are seven dangers ofthe Slow-lane:

• The danger of your health: the Slowlane hopes that you live long to enjoy your savings and retirement funds, but what if you are not alive to enjoy it? What if you fall sick?

• The danger of the job: here, the slowlane expects you to always be in a job without considering that you could get fired, become dispensable, or be a victim of politics

• The danger of your home: the Slowlane hopes that your house continues to rise in value, neglecting natural disasters or government takeovers

• The danger of the company: companies can fold up anytime with all your income plans

• The danger of lifestyle: you are made to accept that the good life is far from reaching for you, and you're programmed to settle for less

• The danger of the economy: thinking that interests of now would hold the same value in the next ten years is a fallacy

• The danger of sidewalks: you can easily slip back to the Sidewalk lane because you feel you lack control over your life

The Slowlane offers you a better life than that of the Fastlane, but unfortunately, the better life is not necessarily the best. Why wait on the Slowlane when you can do your best on the Fastlane?

The fastlane is where the power belongs to you to create and take charge of your life

The Fastlane is where you have the Controlled Unlimited Leverage (CUL) to determine how your life pans out. In the Fastlane , you feel in control and not under any pressure to settle debts, meet demands, or worry about money. To understand the Fastlane, you need to pay attention to these four segments:

• Controllable Unlimited Leverage: you have maximum control over your life

• Business: you own your business and control it

• Lifestyle: you are comfortable with making decisions about your lifestyle without having to worry

• Rapid Wealth Creation: the Fastlane is about creating wealth rapidly so you can enjoy it when you're still vibrant

When you assiduously follow the patterns to get to the Fastlane, you'll find out that it is very easy to get rich. The process of having quick wealth is "Get Rich Quick". The "Get Rich Quick" is not an avenue to laze about or expect some miracle. It is very different from "Get Rich Easy," which is a mindset employed by Sidewalkers who believe in luck.

To be a Fastlaner, there are some things you should understand. You need to understand that Fastlaners are creators, innovators. and visionaries. They pilot the course of the world, helping people make decisions and using the medium to amass quick wealth. The Fastlane is not stuck in a time continuum or a loop where things only revolve and not evolve. It is not bound by time and its processes are not uncontrollable. Fastlane puts you in charge. You should also beware of jobs that look like businesses . These are the kind of businesses that take more than they give, the type that doesn't give you fulfillment in life.

The more impact you make, the more likely it is for to make money. If you impact millions, you'll make millions.

Often, you might wonder how people get rich, especially people who are not famous or lucky. The answer is that these people know how to invest in sizable wealth; the kind of wealth that keeps increasing in value. Your investment determines, to a great extent, the kind of wealth you would have.

You are your vehicle to the kind of life you desire

You own the ability to control and decide which of the 3 financial roadmaps you want. Self—belief and confidence are the first steps in your quest for getting wealthy and becoming rich. Venture into businesses that would not only provide income for now, but that would always provide income in the future.

Your choices are made in a moment, and yet their consequences transcend a lifetime. - MJ DeMarco

Poor choices give birth to poor decisions. and it leads to a poor life. Your choice is the most powerful tool to have. Your choices shape your life because you're the only one who can pilot the affairs of your thoughts. The way you view life goes on to determine the way you would approach life. Nobody can make you rich out of the blue; your thoughts and ideologies are what would lead you towards your financial roadmap. If you think poorly, you'll be poor. If you think with mediocrity. you'll live a mediocre life. if you think rich; you'll live a rich life. Stay away from negative and toxic relationships. The people in your life can make or break you. Choose wisely and avoid unnecessary and extravagant lifestyles. Start your education after graduation, not before. Immerse yourself in the discipline by striving to learn within and beyond your field. You need to understand that failure doesn't mean

you don't know it; it means you don't know it yet.

Failure is normal and even crucial to growth. With failure, you learn more and do more.

The right roads and your speed to acquiring wealth determines the kind of life you'll live

The right roads lead to the right destinations. Knowing where, when, and how to journey is the key to your wealth and success. Your road determines whether you'll end up with a job or a business.

There are five Fastlane commandments:

• The commandment of need: this is essential because understanding why your business is needed by people helps you make great decisions. people want solutions to their needs and providing that booms your business

• The commandment of entry: this states that the easier it is to gain entry into a business line, the more congested the business line would be. Think of something different and unique

• The commandment of control: take control of your Fastlane because outsourcing it to other people has the risk of not delivering the desired results

• The commandment of scale: your scale is like your scope of the study. If it is limited, your reward will be limited; if it is expansive, your reward will equally be expansive

• The commandment of time: time is essential, and the control of it depends on you. Control your time, and don't allow it to control you

The best Fastlane is the one that resonates with the five commandments. If you can find a way to implement the five commandments successfully, then you're surely on your way to rapid wealth.

You need to conquer huge goals by breaking them down. Have an order of your ideas and implement them one by one.

Understanding life and competition makes it easy for you to implement ideas. Competitions are not always unhealthy, and rivalry is not always negative. The execution of Fastlane ideas is what makes it a good financial roadmap. Since nothing is new, finding an existing concept and advancing it is what's expected of you as a Fastlaner.


All events of wealth are precluded by process, a backstory of trial, risk, hard work, and sacrifice. If you try to skip the process, you'll never experience events. - MJ DeMarco

You are the owner of your life, and your moves should be determined by you. Owning your life prepares you for a journey of choices where you have to decide between poorness, mediocrity. and wealth. Choosing the Fastlane is the best option there is, and it is what you should aim for. Life will not roll into your hands; you must take charge of it yourself. What and who you would be in the next 10 years is determined by the steps you take today. It's never too late to start, and there's nothing wrong with failing as long as you learn to stand up after every fall.

Moving to the Fastlane requires critical evaluation of yourself and your current position. The most important step in doing something right is to learn how not to do it in the wrong way. Evaluating your current position gives you the required insight to know where you stand and what to do next. Many times , you make the mistake of sticking to the things that don't work for you. The Fastlane helps you find out if you're doing the right thing or you're wasting your time. Understanding what works for you requires patience and careful planning. These steps have been highlighted above, and once you put them to use, you'll find it easier to live a happy life.

Try this

Evaluate your life, find out your present financial roadmap, and with the laid down patterns, switch accordingly to get rapid wealth.

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