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Updated: Dec 4, 2021

While there is a lot information about the various types of licenses, features, access controls in salesforce. I don't seem to ever find information about what is the cost of running a business in Salesforce. While each business is unique and there is always a million ways to configure the business, I believe that this should be more descriptive mainly for featured licenses.

Salesforce does provide volume discounts. But here is what you should expect to pay for some of the basic licenses. (1/26/2021)

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We use Office365 because there is zero maintenance needed. Once you have an account and the Domain is registered, creating a new email address is as simple as going to Office365

  1. Go to

  2. Users | active Users

  3. Create your support user/email

Login to Salesforce

  1. Go to Setup| Feature Settings | Service | Email-to-Case

  2. Generate a new Email, then click verify email

Login to the email box by going to, open the email and click the link

In salesforce verify that the email has been verified

Setup the email routing in office 365.

Test scenario. Form another account send email to your support account. Result a case should have been created.

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After creating a new custom object I notice something that I hadn't seen before.

"Migrate a Record Page to Dynamic Forms" message:

This trigger me looking at the documentation and here is the link:

Went through the wizard and was please to see such functionality that reduces the number of clicks for Salesforce Administrators.

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