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Mastering Salesforce APIs

Have you ever felt like an imposter, sitting in a meeting and participating in discussions on a topic that you were not familiar with? Well, I certainty have.

The topic was "integration". That is how to integrate Salesforce with various backend systems. Now, at a macro level I understood the concept of integration & APIs, what do they do and why they are required. But at a Micro level, I did not know & understand how exactly it worked.

And because of my limited knowledge of Salesforce APIs, I was neither confident nor comfortable to actively participate in the discussions. So, I just pretended that I was understanding everything. In other words, I was being an imposter.

Long story short, I then spend a considerable amount of time and effort figuring out how Salesforce APIs work. Like how to connect, query, create, update & delete records using APIs. What are the restrictions & limitations etc.

And when I became aware of it, those integration related meetings became easier and enjoyable. I was even able to contribute to the discussions.

In today's world, applications cannot work in isolation. They need to talk to each other to provide a better user experience and reduce swivel-chairing between applications. If you haven't already, there is a high change that at some point in time, you will work on a Salesforce project that involves integration.

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