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Does your monthly grocery bill need a makeover? For most families, your food expenses are pretty significant part of your monthly budget. While grocery shopping is a necessity, that doesn't mean it has to break the bank.

Are you tired of clipping all of the coupons for Target. Create a simple script to help me get all of the rewards by clipping all coupons.

2. Open Console and type the following script:

function clickButton() {
  // Get the button element
  //var button = document.querySelector('button.BaseButton-sc-j0jbcc-0.gMuCnA');
 var button = document.querySelector('button[data-test="button-default"]');

  // Click on the button;

  // Increment the counter

  // If the counter has reached 70, clear the interval to stop the button from being clicked any further
  if (counter === 5) {

var counter = 0;
var intervalId = setInterval(clickButton, 4000); // Run the clickButton function every 4 seconds (4000 milliseconds)

Sit back and relax, and get your discounts.

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